I’m a technologist based in New York San Francisco interested in intelligent systems, late-stage capitalism, the evolution of the internet, and weird online subcultures. I’ve worked in startups for the last decade or so.

  • I created and participate as a partner in Founder Focus Group, a program that supports Interact founders in the nascent days of exploring founding a company. 80+ founding teams have participated to date.
  • I co-founded Clara Labs with Maran Nelson. Twitter acquired the R&D team and licensed IP to bring human-in-the-loop to content moderation, while the Clara brand, product and operations are now part of TopFunnel.
  • Before that, I was an early hardware engineer at Misfit Wearables, where I helped stand up an assembly and test factory in Korea and ship the Shine’s v1 firmware preceding its acquisition by Fossil Group.
  • While studying intelligent systems (EE/CS) at UT Austin, I started HackTX, spent multiple summers interning at Apple, and worked part-time for Gilman Louie and Stewart Alsop’s venture fund for three years.
  • I’m from Texas, where I got started in computing by programming iOS games for the early app store.

I’m an early investor in 30+ startups and actively invest out of a small early stage fund with friends. If we have shared interests and you want to connect - feel free to DM me on Twitter.

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